Sleep Well: Sleep Management Programme

How to sleep better?
How much sleep do I really need?
How to stop tossing and turning at night?

You can find solutions to these and other sleep - related questions by understanding how to optimize your sleep. Even if you are getting a long night's sleep you may still wake up lacking energy in the morning. Finding the right routine that works for you is essential while unhealthy daytime lifestyle choices can really hinder the quality of your sleep at night.

Does it feel like you have no control over your sleep?

In reality, you do have more control over it than you may realize. The solution is finding the most adequate routine which will support your body's sleep cycles and will allow it to make most out of its resting time.

In our Sleep Well Management Programme you will find proven tips to help you understand sleep routines, visualizing practice that will guide you into mental peacefulness and calming Yin Yoga that will bring physical relaxation. Our Sleep Well Programme is designed to help you experiment in order find out the best working routine for yourself.

With the clear awareness of how important sleep is for our physical and mental health, we have provided FREE access to our Guided Visualization Practice Modules that we wish to share with you!

Enroll now for our main programme that combines essential theory and practical guided exercises. You will immediately receive 6 months access to all the modules. Or, choose to complete our brief FREE Guided Visualization Practice Modules found in the content list.

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Who is this programme for:

  • Anyone looking to learn how to improve the quality of their sleep with guidance from professionals;
  •  Anyone looking for simple and effective techniques to replenish themselves that can be applied into a busy life;
  • Anyone wanting to find a sense of calmness and to manage the quality of their sleep through the therapeutic powers of healthy routines, guided visualization and yin yoga;
  • Anyone wanting to expand their current understanding of physiological and psychological management of sleep;
  • Anyone engaged in wellness practices, personally and professionally, seeking to learn about new tools and methodologies.

Contra-Indications and Safeguards:

Those with physical or complex mental health issues or a formal diagnosis should consult a medical health practitioner before engaging in this progreamme. In particular, if you are diagnosed with cardiovascular disease, respiratory condition, high blood pressure, epilepsy, blood abnormalities, if you are pregnant or have ailments that cause seizures, kindly seek advice from a healthcare provider.

This content material is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.​

About The Authors

Dr Ana Georgieva Counselling Psychologist  

Esin Yaygin Health and Breathing Coach, Yoga Instructor

Dr Shilpa Sreenath Counselling Psychologist, Hypnotherapist

How Does It Work?

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